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FAQ's Answered

From appointment scheduling to services offered, insurance queries to general inquiries—discover clarity and insight into the healthcare process, empowering you to navigate your medical journey with confidence

You can call us at 587-318-1608 or you can reach us at to schedule an appointment.

We do accept walk-in patients from 9am - 3pm, although there might be a wait time up-to 45mins to an hour.

We request you to kindly let us know 24 hours prior to the appointment schedule. We do charge a fee for last minute cancellations.

To call an ambulance, dial 911 from any phone. The 911 operator can get an interpreter for you if you need one. They will ask you about your health problems and send an ambulance if you need one.

We are happy to let you know that Euclid Telehealth and your doctor at Crescent Medical Centre are working together to bring you a specialized eye disease screening covered by Alberta Health Care, for the early detection, prevention, and treatment of vision loss. Euclid will be on-site at our clinic, one day per month, to offer a non-invasive 20-minute eye disease screening. Based on your doctor’s recommendation, Euclid will be contacting you to schedule an appointment, but in the meantime, you can learn more or book online at, or contact Euclid’s team at, or call 1-800-511-5661 to speak with their patient support team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To know which doctor is on duty, feel free to contact us directly. If you prefer a specific doctor, you can schedule an appointment by calling or booking online. Our doctors welcome walk-in patients daily.

Wait times vary based on our current caseload. We strive to keep wait times to a minimum, aiming to provide prompt care. To expedite your visit, consider booking an appointment or calling ahead. Same-day appointments are available. You can also check our walk-in wait times on Medi-Map.

We assist with disability forms required for insurance purposes (e.g., AISH, disability tax credit, MVA insurance forms, parking placard handicap forms, etc.). An in-person appointment is necessary, and there's a range of forms available. Costs for these forms/documents vary and must be paid before departure. Call for pricing details.

Unfortunately, we can't refill prescriptions via phone or fax. To refill a prescription, visit our walk-in clinic after scheduling an appointment. It's crucial to consult in person for accurate prescriptions and dosages. Ensure you have enough medication until your next visit.

According to the Health Information Act, test results must be reviewed in person. We value patient privacy and cannot disclose results over the phone. If a discussion with the doctor is needed, we'll schedule an appointment. For non-urgent results requiring discussion, we'll contact you to arrange an appointment.

Walk-in patients are welcome daily. However, appointments take precedence to ensure timely care. Same-day appointments are offered if available. Calling ahead before your visit is recommended.

Bring your Crescent Health Card and a government-issued ID. If you forget your Health Card, we can retrieve your Health number with a government ID.

If you can't make your appointment, kindly notify us 24 hours beforehand. There's no fee for missed appointments.