Routine Appointments

Routine appointment can be booked on phone and at reception, in advance or the same day. Call (587) 318-1608 for a Doctor.

Walk-In Patients

Our Doctors accept walk-in patients. Every effort is made to provide timely care however, priority is given to patients who have booked appointment unless patient presents with emergency or condition requires urgent medical care.

Annual Physical

GP and Medical Care - Crescent Medical Centre provides Annual Physician Examinations to all patients. These are covered under Alberta Health Service.

Child Care

Routine periodic check ups to children of all ages are recommended.These are scheduled at the following ages. 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years then yearly.

Women's Health

GP and Medical Care - Please see below for a list of our services for you.

STD Screening

We offer Sexual Health Screening, Advice on disease Prevention and treatment. Crescent Medical Centre is you Family Doctor in Calgary.


We provide annual flu vaccinations, Pneumovax, Tetanus.

Travel Health Clinic

Free Travel health advice is provided by a GP or qualified staff who is certified in travel Health.There is a cost for providing vaccinations. Please call 587-318-1608 to ask for further information.

Elderly Care

Doctors at Crescent Medical Centre provide comprehensive medical care to elderly patients including regular check ups, Cognitive Assessment, Driver's Medical. We have access to Geriatric Assessment Services through Primary Care Physician Network.

Minor Skin Procedure

We carry out medical care and procedures including repairs of skin lacerations, cryotherapy (freezing) for warts and other skin lesions, biopsy of skin lesions, Excision of skin lesions including cysts, lipoma etc, intradermal inj for alopecia and joint injections.

Driver's Medical

We Provide Driver's Medical for all classes at Crescent Medical Centre. This service is billed privately. Patients over 75 years old are covered by Alberta Health Care Plan.

WCB claim

Crescent Medical Centre provides assessment and management of illness or injuries occurred at work place.


Crescent Medical Centre provides comprehensive care to refugee. These patients are covered under Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP).

Out-of-Province Visit

Patients from other provinces seeking a GP - Doctor will be seen with appropriate health coverage. Patients from Quebec must pay a fee up front and then seek their reimbursement from their provider. There is a cost for providing vaccinations. Please call 587-318-1608 to ask for further information.

Out-of-Country Visit

We are your Family Doctor in Calgary. Crescent Medical Centre welcome patients from other country. They will be billed privately.